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Mediation Training Programs And Mediator Opportunities

Mediation Training: We offer Basic Mediation Training as well as specialty-area trainings such as Custody-Visitation Mediation Training, Special Education Mediation Training, Eldercare Mediation Training, Divorce Mediation Training, and more.

Our Basic Mediation Training is a 35-hour training that is approved by the NYS Unified Court System’s Office of ADR and Court Improvement Programs. For more information about our training, please email

For our panel of active mediators we also provide on-going continuing education events and opportunities. For the schedule of trainings and fees please go here.

How to become a volunteer mediator: The prerequisite to mediate any cases at our centers is the 35-hour Basic Mediation Training provided by the Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers, followed by an apprenticeship. Apprentice mediators co-mediate cases with more experienced mediators who have been certified by our Centers. If you have recently taken another training approved by the NYS Unified Court System for CDRC’s (Community Dispute Resolution Centers) you may apply to begin mediating at our center, with an understanding that our training would be required of you when it is next offered. Most of our mediation services are provided to the public at no cost by volunteer mediators. While some caseloads are paid for by parties on a sliding scale and those fees are shared with our mediators, mediating these cases requires specialty trainings and extensive mediation experience.

The Corporate Sector

The Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers also offer our training services to the commercial/industrial sector. Working with the corporate client, we design training modules with the specific company in mind. Such trainings include Conflict Resolution in the Corporate Structure and Diversity and our focus is on team building and collaborative negotiation.

Conflict Resolution Training
The Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers’ expertise in Conflict Resolution Training has enormous implications for the corporate sector. We work with companies to assess their areas of need and develop a Conflict Resolution training program tailored for the specific company at hand. Generally, this will include individualized conversations with staff in several company lines, i.e. senior management, managers and line staff to learn more about their perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the work environment. From the assessment we are able to build a six-hour training delivered in two-hour segments at the company’s discretion. The training is: stimulating, interactive and relevant. We address the nature of conflict in the corporate culture and sharpen skills that will enhance communication in order to improve the working environment.

Conflict Coaching
As a second and third tier of services to the corporate client we offer Conflict Coaching, which looks at conflict as a symptom of dysfunction that can be remedied through more collaborative thinking and improved communication skills. This service provides work with individuals on a one-to-one basis to examine the conflict in detail and explore tools that will lead to a more effective response.  It is a tremendous resource for both managers and employees wishing to develop better communication with superiors and colleagues.

Diversity Training
Our team at the Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers has designed a training in Diversity and its impact on the corporate community. Like the Conflict Resolution training, the delivery of our Diversity program follows a brief assessment with company staff and is designed with the specific company in mind. As with our conflict resolution training, our diversity training is interactive and provokes thoughtful dialogue and greater understanding between and among members of the corporate community.

Value Added
The Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers offers many services to residents and businesses in these counties at either no charge or based on a sliding scale. However, many people, particularly those who struggle to balance all the demands on their lives, particularly between home and work have no idea we are here to help. As a value-added piece to our corporate clients, we are prepared to make presentations about our services and afford individuals an opportunity to inquire how they can avail themselves of our services in a private and confidential manner. Mediation services are available regarding;

  • Community Mediation (Landlord/Tenant, Neighbor/Neighbor, Consumer/Merchant, etc.)
  • Custody/Visitation and Divorce
  • Parent/Teen Mediation
  • Elder Mediation
  • Special Education Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Lemon law Arbitration

For further information, please call (914) 963-6500, ext. 207 in Westchester, or (845) 512-8730 in Rockland. For information about upcoming trainings please see our Events page.