It was wonderful to see those who joined the Restorative Conference last month! We wanted to highlight a few RJ events for the coming months.  Please share with your friends and colleagues.

Restorative Justice Group

In July/August:

  • Tajae Gaynor, WMC/RMC Program Director is co-leading Community Dispute Resolution Center, CDRC Tier 2 & 3 Restorative Justice Practices Trainings for NY Dept of Education and is also part of a CDRC team that will assist schools with implementation of restorative practices over an extended period of time.
    • Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRCs) are a statewide network of nonprofit organizations providing dialogue and dispute resolution services.
    • Individuals, families and communities come to CDRCs for help with difficult conversations, decisions and disputes.
  • Trudy Junkroski, Restorative Justice Coordinator, is co-leading CDRC Tier 1 Community Building Restorative Circles Training for NY Dept of Education.
  • Hanna Ohaus, TEENS Program Coordinator is coordinating the TEENS summer program to develop youth leaders in conflict resolution and restorative practices. This involves collaboration with other community organizations so that TEENS participants have opportunities to lead and teach these skills to peers and others.
    • The TEENS program will be in session for 3 weeks, 5 days per week beginning July 25th through August 12th 2022 from 9am to 2pm.
    • TEENS – Teens Eager to Enforce Nonviolent Solutions is a peer-facilitated mediation program for at-risk youth. TEENS program teaches valuable relational skills, in preparation for life during and after high school.
  • In partnership with Restorative Justice Westchester (RJW), Tajae is co-leading a 5-day restorative justice and circle-keeping training again this year.

We continue to provide conflict coaching, mediation, and restorative conferences for individuals and families referred to us by Westchester County Probation, Family Court, Mount Vernon Police Department, and New Rochelle City Court (emerging adults), among others. We also continue to work with the Westchester District Attorney’s Task Force on RJ.

Thanks, as always, for your support!