New Year New Team

CLUSTER is so proud of the work and the services we provided in 2022 and we’re very excited to celebrate and announce that in the new year CLUSTER’s new Executive Director will be Freda Macon and the new Deputy Executive Director will be Tajae Gaynor. Both have extensive experience with CLUSTER and will provide exemplary service in their new roles.

Freda initially became familiar with CLUSTER as a parent in the Yonkers community. She believed CLUSTER was the best place to provide after-school programming for her children. She vividly recalls, “I clearly saw through the eyes of my children, how CLUSTER empowers people to do magical things with their imaginations and creativity and ultimately make the community a better place. A few years later, I knew there was no better agency to join if I wanted to make a difference. This is the very same inspiration that continues to drive me today.” With 20 mission-driven years of leadership and service to the agency, Freda looks forward to partnering with Tajae Gaynor.

Tajae has been with CLUSTER for 16 years and is eager to support CLUSTER’s program Directors and Supervisors. He explains, “I believe in the work we do, dedication to the service of others, and CLUSTER’s potential.”

While CLUSTER has had great success, this team is eager to do more. This is a critical time for the work of nonprofits and certainly for CLUSTER. Stepping into their new roles, Freda and Tajae are steadfast in their belief that CLUSTER is in a prime position to provide quality services to our clients in 2023 and all subsequent years to come.