For over forty years, the mandate of CLUSTER Community Services has been to facilitate meaningful improvement in the lives of those who have been marginalized and to work diligently to address issues that negatively impact our communities. Our services include mental health, mediation, housing assistance, and youth and family programming. The COVID pandemic underscored the need for these critical services, but it also has highlighted how African Americans, immigrants, and historically marginalized groups continue to bear the brunt of economic, health and societal inequalities.
The murder of George Floyd on May 25th followed a series of terrible and all-too-common events that called attention to the systematic and institutional racism that exists in the United States, igniting an explosion of outrage. The pain and frustration is justified. We live and work in this environment every day at CLUSTER; it’s what we do. We have never been satisfied with the status-quo. We tirelessly fight for our clients and never take the gloves off.
As exhausting and overwhelming as the work can be at times, CLUSTER is committed to continuously being here- providing the critical services needed during this double-punch of the pandemic and social upheaval- providing mental health, mediation, housing assistance, and youth and family programming to those who need it most.
Now, more than ever:
We commit to fighting all facets of racism.
We commit to employing a diverse and compassionate workforce.
We commit to having a diverse Board of Directors – reflective of the community it serves.
We commit to you.
Kristina Yamin
Executive Director
Tony Carrizales
Board President

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