CLUSTER supports the youth by offering Restorative Justice practices throughout Westchester County Schools and Family Court. The innovative Individualized Juvenile Justice Plan (IJJP) program piloted by CLUSTER has started to connect youth and become an invaluable resource for families, exceeding the courts’ expectations. The first group of peer mediators at Barack Obama School for Social Justice will soon graduate and are in the final stages of a peer mediation training forming a foundation for continued growth of the program.  

At a meeting of Yonkers Public Schools and the 21st Century Grant partners, leaders of the program at Yonkers Middle High School described how much the students are enjoying participating in mediation circles facilitated by CLUSTER. The program has engaged circles for multi-lingual students, fostering their sense of belonging and connection to the community. 


The Peekskill High School community has faced a particularly challenging time as students and community members have been impacted by a series of traumatic losses, a trend in recent years.  The clinical team at the school, with the support of CLUSTER, has been responding to the needs of students, helping them know that they have a listening ear and support to persevere.