CLUSTER’s Housing Resource Center shared life changing events for those in great need of housing assistance.

During weekly case reviews, the Supervisor of CLUSTER’s HRC assists staff with processing information while providing support and guidance to some of the most challenging situations to date.

1st CASE

In one such case a client shared that she has so many problems that she was feeling at “the end of her rope.  She told the casemanager that  she believes that her mental state is outweighing her housing matter, which is at the point of eviction.  This  situation was not what our staff expected to hear when the individual answered the phone.  While working to stabilize  the client’s housing situation, the caseworker also utilized other CLUSTER resources to assist this client with her mental health issues.  Nothing gets solved in one phone call, but this client was now on track to have her eviction halted, her arrears paid off and a list of resources to help her with some of her mental health issues.

“Who knew picking up the phone on a Saturday morning would give me so much hope.  I feel so blessed to work with CLUSTER”.

2nd CASE – Caseworker called client

“I’ve reached out to so many agencies only to be told that they can’t help me.  I was at the  end of the road, and  I was  starting to pack up my  belongings….but to go where?….I didn’t know, I was going to be homelessThen I get a call from CLUSTER, it’s a Saturday morning, and the person on the other end of the line tells me they can help.  No one can possibly know how this feels.  I can’t describe it,  I was so choked up,  all I could do was cry and say “THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MAN TALKING TO ME, THANK YOU FOR CLUSTER”.