Divorce Mediation FAQs'

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a collaborative process that allows parties to talk about issues of concern to themselves and their children (if children are involved). It places the control of critical choices in the hands of the parties involved as opposed to the hands of lawyers or judges.

Separation or divorce is difficult for any family to face. And while we cannot take the pain of loss out of it entirely, we can help to create an atmosphere that is more collaborative and productive by building a new relationship, not just taking apart the old one.

How much will Divorce Mediation cost?

  • The Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers provide mediation services on a sliding scale based on the income of the parties being served.
  • Our hourly rate ranges from $50 to $300 dollars an hour. The number of hours necessary depends upon the complexity of the case and the ability of the parties to work effectively together.
  • Other potential services need to be considered when factoring your potential final cost. For example: memorandum of understanding (MOU) preparation, stipulation of settlement, review attorneys and filing fees. See CLUSTER's Divorce Mediation Calculator.

Is Divorce Mediation right for me?

  • Divorce mediation is right for anyone who would prefer to remain in control over what their future would look like after divorce or separation.
  • Divorce mediation is often less expensive than traditional divorce processes, negotiated through attorneys or litigated through the courts. The average cost of a litigated divorce is $30,000 and can be much higher if the parties are particularly contentious.
  • Divorce mediation takes much less time, because it does not involve the back and forth that attorney based mediations do and it brings parties to the table to work towards resolution.
  • Divorce mediation allows parties to preserve an amicable or at least civil relationship, whether it is in the interest of the children and/or themselves.

Who are the Mediators?

Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers and our mediators are certified and operate under the auspices of the Unified Court Systems Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs.

What will the Divorce Mediation process be like?

The process begins at intake with a conversation with a center Coordinator. This can be done over the phone or in-person. Both parties will have private intake conversations and will be able to share interests and /or concerns regarding the process. During intake, questions will be asked about what you hope to accomplish in the mediation and information about your financial background. Your fee will be set based on that financial information and confirmed at your first face to face meeting with the mediator, when you will provide copies of your most recent tax returns. Following intake a mediation session will be scheduled. You will discuss all relevant issues facing you as you transition from being married to being separated or being divorced.

Mediation sessions are relaxed and while they can get heated, for the most part, the collaborative nature of the process encourages a more friendly and peaceful atmosphere.