Divorce Mediation

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 The Westchester and Rockland Mediation Center of CLUSTER is a not for profit operating under the auspices of the Unified Court System.

For the past twenty five years we have mediated thousands of cases ranging from quality of life issues to family based disputes.

We specialize in Separation and Divorce as well as Custody and Visitation Mediation.

Our mediators are experienced professionals who will help you to have a productive dialogue to make decisions about how you can best move forward with dignity and respect.


Our services are designed to be available to people from all economic levels and we offer mediation services on a sliding scale.

We provide a process that is confidential and personal.

We value your time and your money and will make sure that this process does not drag on to the detriment of your financial or emotional stability.

Divorce Mediation FAQ's

Divorce Mediation Glossary

Contact an intake coordinator at (914) 963-6500 or
(845) 512-8730 if you need further assistance.